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The Kailas Mountain Adventure project is initiated by Kailas, aiming at exploring mountains and peaks that has not yet been reached or investigated by human being. During the mountaineering course, mountaineers record the geographic location, landscape, climate, culture, and wildlife condition via pictures and videos. The information will then be put into a database for further analysis. The goal is to build a database of the rich outdoor resources we have so mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the great outdoors, and the data can be used for environmental protection and preservation.
(40+ adventures since 2006)
2014 – The Conqueror Peak (5551m), nominated Piolet d’Or Asia
2014 – Crown Peak via the east face(5513m)
2014 – Hlako Kangri Peak (6457m), soloed by Xingzheng Zhao
2013 – Bamango Peak in Nepal (6400m), nominated Piolet d’Or
2013 – Langgemanyin Peak (6294m), reached 5400m
2012 – Duri Peak (5437m) via the east face new route
2011 – Potala Peak 3rd attempt(6060m), first in human history.


Please send the following assets to named KAILAS MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE APPLICATION


1. Climbing Plan, including:

-   Peak introduction and existing climbing records;

-   Route schedule/Route map

-   Detailed timetable

-   Team members (climbing experiences and ability)

-   Gear list and essential materials.

2.  Sponsorship Requirements

3. Marketing Return

    -   Will you provide climbing report/pictures/videos?

    -   Any publicizing plan for this climbing?

    -   Please attach your previous climbing reports/pictures/videos.

4. Personal Info

        -   Name, nationality, address and contact details

Download Application Form