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9A-Classic Rock Climbing Trousers Pants Men's

Item Code: KG510382
$108.00 $108.00
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    (15022)Charcoal (17000)Black (10053)Peacock Blue (10044)Mist Blue (11015)Apple Green (11042)Dull Green (11051)Forest Green (11305)Bronze Green (15024)Dark Gray (12016)Date Red (13021)Goldfish Yellow (13028)Tan (16027)Yellow Khaki (11035)Algae Green (12295)Red Bean
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*STRETCH FABRIC - 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex , breathable, quick-drying ,lightweight and durable material , designed to climb

*FULL RANGE OF MOTION - Belt with a comfortable elastic band , the articulated crotch and knees further increase flexibility

  and range of motion

*VERSATILITY - Chalk bag loop and brush holder ,pockets at both side

*GREAT FOR ANY ACTIVITY (Spring/Summer version)

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Recent Reviews
  • ByTyler
  • Apr 18, 2021
These pants are everything you could want in a pair of climbing pants. They have great range of motion with the gusseted crotch and plenty of freedom of movement within the pant leg. While expensive, once having tried them on, I can see that the costs went into the quality of the pants. The material is slightly heavier than a pair of Prana Zion's but this is not a bad thing. With Zion's, you can get some pilling with heavy use on kneebars. The slightly heftier material in the 9A gives these pants a more durable feel. The material feels more comfortable against the legs than the Zion's. For that matter, I have regularly worn scrubs for work and these pants are as comfortable, if not better, than the most comfortable scrubs I own. For breathability, the pants do not retain heat and you get plenty of air flow against the legs. These will not be a problem in direct sunlight or when out in the dead of summer. For these reasons alone, this is now my favorite pair of pants as comfort is a big plus for me and these are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned.

The colors and the fit are fantastic for a pair of sport pants. There are two side pockets with no back or cargo pocket. If you are someone in regular need of multiple pockets, you may desire for more. The two pockets are deep to the mid-upper thigh so they have plenty of room in them. The pocket material is one-side the pant material and another side an airy mesh material. This means you do not actually feel the pocket in the pants against your leg as it is very lightweight and low profile. There are loops on the right leg and on the back of the pants for attaching gear; the loop on the back is perfect for a chalk bag. There are also belt loops if you need them. There are also loops for rolling the pant leg up. These have a coin and loop system with the coin inside the pant leg passing through the loops on the outside of the pant. You can not feel the coin against the skin due to the material the coin is constructed of and the shape of the pant leg. The pants are cut to be thin but not tight against the thighs. The knee and lower leg have a slight taper moreso than a straight cut pant but not as aggressive as a slim cut pant. This means that I am comfortable wearing them around town as they look great while still retaining all the leg room that I will need outdoors.

I am 6'3" ~180lbs. I have always worn 32x34 pants in a variety of brands and jeans. The XL is an exact fit for me.The waist is made of an elastic material that gives some variation in sizing however I do not suggest sizing down. While the elastic does have some give, it is more for comfort and variation in body types. If you are trying to have the pants stretch around your waist due to sizing down, this elastic will be extremely tight and uncomfortable. I picked my size based on multiple reviews and suggest anyone looking for a good fit to do the same. I highly recommend these pants for anyone looking for a pair of do-it-all pants that they can take on hikes, around town, and to the crag.

  • ByYahya Alameer
  • Dec 24, 2020
very good quality, I like it. Altho I prefer KG510505/KG510603 on this one just for the extra pockets

  • Byekkhdolv
  • Nov 20, 2019

  • ByKim Walls
  • Dec 18, 2018
Super comfy pants, nice cut. Just baggy and stretchy enough to not restrict movement at all. Seem to be very durable for how light and stretchy the fabric is. Have scraped and shuffled up chimneys and rough rock with no real signs of wear. Nice and simple pants. Pockets are a good size and depth. Only slight concern is the button that secures the waist has come off, easily fixed however and the velcro that supports it is very strong so it doesn't really matter much.