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Airo Harness

Item Code: KE730001
$79.95 $79.95
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  • Color
    (11058)Neon Green (12009)Orange Red (13003)Light Yellow
  • Size
    S M L XL
  • Specifications

Airo is a tough light weight harness with high performance that offers reliable protection especially for rock climbing and ice climbing.


• The ergonomic design of belts and leg loops can strengthen the support for the body. It can provide maximal degrees of body freedom
 together with high comfort without any hindrance.
• The integration of the harness can distribute body weight evenly on the whole harness. A lack of local pressure points improves comfort.
• At the front of the belt, there are two gear loops for taking gears out more easily. The loop backwards is soft enough that it won’t press on the body.
• There is an attached mounting point on both sides of the belt, which allows carabiners or tool racks to click in to bring more gears such as ice piton.
• Quick Buckle is safer and more convenient.
• More durable materials are used.
• Application: Suitable for all kinds of climbing and work at heights.

Tech Specs
• Size: XS, S, M, L and XL
• Certification:CE EN12277


Recent Reviews
  • ByJoseph Donaghey
  • Nov 22, 2018
Amazing look and fit, absolutely love this harness. Very comfortable for smaller climbers

  • Bytim mueller
  • May 22, 2018
I’ve been using the Airo harness for the last 6 months now, from ice climbing, alpine climbing, sport climbing even bolting putting it thorough its paces. The waist belt has been well designed allowing for good range of movement in all different climbing terrain. The Harness has four gear loops. But also two sewn loops for ice clips which hold ice screws, or bolts and hammer well which for me was definitely a plus point. This added for maximum versatility allowing me to use it in a multitude of disciplines. The Speed buckle closure system on the waist belt is super smooth and hassle free, which also works well in the winter with big gloves on. The buckle doesn’t slide at all when done up.

I’m a big fan for sewn leg loops, as it cuts out the hassle of making shore the buckles are done up right, but also cuts weight and gives for a cleaner finish. The harness fit me well overall, In a t-shirt I would have the buckle fully done up and when winter climbing with multiple layers on I would only need light loosening, this allowing for equal accessibility on the gear loops either side.

Over all I think this is a super hardwearing harness fit for any activity in the vertical world. I would definitely recommend this to a friend especially at its price point.