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Pro Deal Program

Pro Deal Program

Kailas Pro Deal Program provides Kailas products at a discount price to qualified outdoor professionals. Membership of this program is by online application only.


Applicants must provide personal documentation as proof of employment in the outdoor industry (a scanned copy of your professional license, business card, etc.)

      General Terms

l  The Pro Deal Program pricing is confidential and shall not be disclosed by you to others.

l  Your Pro Deal Program account is for your professional use only. Please do not purchase gifts or buy products for others.

l  Pro Deal Program discount may not be used together with other special offers or discount. We may limit the quantity or category of products that you may purchase.

l  Shipping charges on orders less than $100 will apply. Shipments may be subject to tariffs, duties, value added tax (VAT), etc. You are responsible for these costs.

l  The membership of Pro Deal Program is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to cancel your Pro Deal Program order or terminate your membership at any time.

l  Your membership of Pro Deal Program must be annually renewed. If you receive a notification email from us, please provide a new application to show your qualifications.

l  We may modify these terms and conditions, and your purchase of products under the Pro Deal Program will constitute your acceptance of the modification.

If you are interested in applying, please send us an email* at

*Your application email should contain at least the following information:

1. Copy of your professional license, business card, etc.

2. Application Form Pro Deal Application Form.xlsx