Clip-up Stick Clip For Climbing Extendable Quickdraw Grabber Lightweight



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Clip-up Stick

Item Code: KE830005/EE201
$54.00 $54.00
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    (10382)Blue (14176)Grayish Purple
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The multi-use and extendable Clip Up III Stick is a helpful tool that helps you clip your fist high bolt. Apart from climbing, it is also well suited for use in rescue and working at height. Thanks to its high performance, it won the Asian Outdoor Industry Award in 2012.


●Aluminum alloy construction with extendable design: lightweight and easy-to-carry

●Twist and lock mechanism

●Unique design at the top holds the gate of carabiners open for easy clipping

●It can be used to clip the quickdraw and the rope into the bolt 

●It can be used to unclip the quickdraw

●Standard 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom for cameras and other items


Dimensions: 5 sections, length: 58-248 cm

Diameter: 28 mm

Weight: 365 g

Patented No.: 201220083726.2

Recommended Use: rock climbing/fire/rescue/industry


Recent Reviews
  • ByErez Shani
  • Jul 02, 2020
My favorite travel stick clip! it is small and light, and it fits most carry-ons!

  • ByGeoff Michalak
  • May 30, 2020
Not the longest stick clip out there, but it collapses and is very pack able. There's no reason not to bring it along. It can be finicky with some types of draws as the gate won't be held open wide enough.

  • ByDavo
  • May 29, 2020
Nice compact stick clip, twistlock design with quazi-superclip head. Reach pretty standard for a compact stick clip, needed added clip in point on clip side of stick (lanyard attachment point on base). Reasonably priced.

  • ByDemetrius
  • May 25, 2020
The best stick on the market! The Kailas Clip-Up has a great minimal design that does all it needs to do, its folds up nice and small, it puts quick draws up, lets you thread the rope through the quick draw and allows you to retrieve your draws. I've been using mine for about 12 months now and have been extremely happy with it and would recommend it to any climber looking for a good no-nonsense stick clip. To me the highlight of this design is the ease with which is retries draws, you can use any old stick to get them up but a neat design like this is essential to get them down.

That said there are a couple of cons to go through, reach and durability. the clip-up does not have the same reach as other stick clips available, to be honest this has never been an issue for me it's always reached the first bolt for climbs around Sydney and the blue mountains and if you need to clip higher than that there are a few tricks you can employ. In general the durability has been fine but i have just broken one of the plastic inserts at the bottom of one segment, Kailas have kindly offered to repair the stick and it is en route to them as I type. The clip-up was still functional with the broken insert so at worst it was a minor inconvenience.

I recommend the Kailas Clip-Up to my climbing partners it's a non nonsense stick clip that does exactly what it needs to do.