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When the pants arrived I was excited and as soon as I put them on I knew they were great. I am going to talk about them in the three major way I used them.

First off Climbing, I went outdoor and indoor bouldering and sport climbing. Indoor climbing the gym I go to is usually hot they were breathable and when I got a little hot from climbing I rolled them up and there was a button and a loop to hold the pant legs up also important they didn’t ride up in the harness. While outdoor climbing it was a little cold outside but I my legs never felt cold while the pants are breathable they are not drafty. While climbing I never had to adjust my pant legs so I could my leg which is a big bonus.  

They second major use I had for them is camping and hiking a major trip I went on was to Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. They were a great choice for scaling the dunes because they allowed for a lot of movement and good resistance from the wind and sand hitting my legs.  They are very comfortable to sleep in as well I didn’t feel anything hard like buttons or zippers.  

The last major way I used them was practicing yoga, I never felt any snags or had to readjust my pant so I could move my leg the 9a climbing pants are quite stretchy and allow for a wide range of movement which is good in yoga and climbing like when you’re going for that heal hook. They only thing the pants don’t have is a butt pocket which I use frequently but with that being my complaint it’s easy to look past it, and I think they are great to sleep in. I have already had a lot of great adventures with them and I know there are many more to come with them.

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