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Although I have been climbing for about two and a half years, I am always in a pursuit of finding new ways to improve my game. From new training techniques, to a change in diet to just climbing hard, I never considered clothing until now. Just like alpinists are in pursuit of lighter gear the same mentality should apply to rock climbers as well. Lighter is better. Kailas’ 9a rock climbing pants certainly deliver what I would be looking for in a crushable rock climbing pant. Light, stretchy and very breathable I’m able to move a lot easier on the rock compared other pairs of pants I use for rock climbing. Ever since I received these pants, I have become known as the guy with the yellow pants.

 To be honest I was skeptic if these pants would hold up. I never heard of Kalias before and had a feeling they may just be a cheap knock off or poorly constructed. The company is based in China, which after a little research, was previously awarded the Outdoor Industry award in 2016 for their “Edge” Climbing backpack. Not much else is really known about the company so it was time to see what the fuss is about. Those skeptical thoughts I had were put to rest as soon as I tried the pants on. Right away I knew I was wearing something I would enjoy at the crag and indoors.  


Unfortunately I was only able to test these out indoors and on a couple of early spring climbing trips. That being said though would consider these pants to be optimal for late spring to early fall where the temps are still warm. Not necessarily warm enough if you are belaying but once you get moving they retain heat well.


The size I was given to review was a small. The cut felt great and there were no particular areas that felt “baggy” or too short. The length was what I would want with a pair of pants as well they could be easily rolled up into kahkis. Another thing I really like about these pants is the material, it has almost a soft nylon type feel. They seem to be quite durable however I had managed to poke a small hole in them when I was drytooling with my fruit boots in one of the legs. But overall they seem to handle quite well in terms of dexterity on the rock. Further testing would be needed to see how they handle in the long term. The material also makes the pant much lighter and they have a lot of stretch. Freaking perfect for doing more technical moves especially movements that require a lot balance (ie. High stepping) on the rock.


My only issue with these pants is how they are done up. To button the waist there is a piece of Velcro and a small button on the inside. At first I thought that was quite cool as it gives a somewhat futuristic/space-agey vibe to the pants for they appear minimalistic. However I found it requires some effort (not a lot but more than necessary) to do it up. In the long run I could see the string holding the button breaking off and therefore requiring replacement. So my suggestion would be either replacing the button with a clasp or providing a spare button should it fall off.

That being said, overall these pants look and feel fantastic. Little details that I also liked on them was the waist band is printed with their motto ”Made to Climb” and there is a wire-gate carabiner embroidered on the back. The company clearly knows it’s target audience and these pants are certainly built that way. Seeing these small details make you feel more like a climber ready to take on that next project.

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