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For three months, I have been rigorously testing the Kailas 9a Pants. I have a size “small” in the color “goldfishyellow.” I bouldered and sport climbed in the pants, both inside and outdoors. 

As soon as I put on these pants, my initial impressions were that they were lightweight and flexible. The small fit me perfectly (I am 5’8’’ and 130 lbs.). While testing, I never once noticed the pants limiting my movement. The legs are a bit wide, which help with the flexibility. At first, I found the lower pant legs to be slightly baggy, although I became used to it. The buttons on the inner pant leg are extremely handy; most of the time the pants breathe quite well, but on the hottest days the buttons allow the pants to be rolled up about halfway to the knee. I spent about half of my time in the pants with the legs rolled up. The fabric is unlike many other fabrics; it cuts a bit of wind but does breathe well. Small amounts of water bead off the surface, which came to my advantage when sport climbing in light rain and spilling water on myself.When they did become wet, they dried fairly quickly. The yellow is very bright, which brought them to the attention of many people. There are a few stitching lines along the pant legs that make them more form fitting. Through these months of knee bars and scums, the knees, along with the rest of the pants, look brand new. They have excellent durability. The waist band is thin but tall, and it was never uncomfortable, even for long periods of time. The brush holder on the right side is a nice touch. The use of a zipper, a button, and a hook-and-loop strip on the waistband allowed for secure closure, although all of these steps combined took slightly longer to fasten than an average pair of pants. 

The fact that the pants are designed for climbing truly shows when on the wall, and I highly recommend these pants.

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