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Rock Climbing isn’t just a sport anymore, it is also a growing and very diverse culture. Not only do climbers participate in a huge array of other activities such as slack-lining, caving, yoga and mountaineering they also are often very conscious of space, environment and energy. Recent surges in people joining the Rock Climbing culture internationally have led to the creation of a unique set of trendy brands; dressing our climbing go getters from head to toe in the latest popular colour choices and comfortable clothing cuts.

Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to trial a pair of climbing pants from Kailas – A rapidly growing climb brand which is clearly setting its sights on the climbing brand pinnacle!

When the 9 Quick dry pants arrived the first thing I noticed the colour – Goldfish Yellow. Although not my personal choice it certainly made a statement and I felt confident that everyone would be checking out my legwork from the ground whilst I was out there crushing it.

The second thing I noticed was how lightweight the pants were. I quickly put them on and the lightweight feeling was matched with a feeling of stretchy comfort. There was only really one more thing to do to get them tested and that was to take them out for a test run.


Whilst climbing in them they remained comfortable, offered a great range of movement and stood up to the usual climbing wear and tear. They also were comfortable enough to wear for a range of other activities and I even donned them for my morning Café Latte trip.


Finally; I have the pleasure of being in the position to source some new uniform for a climbing centre that I run and testamentto how the trial went - I have now ordered nearly 30 pairs of the 9a Quick dry pants for our staff uniform.


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