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Why do we have special pants for climbing? Is it the fashion? Comfort? Durability? Or the hope to have anti-gravity mechanism embedded in them? Yes, you know the answer… If you are shopping for a new climbing pants, the Kailas 9a pants should definitely be on your list.


So what is it with the pants? The 9a pants are stretchable, quick drying and light nylon pants, MADE FOR CLIMBING. Maybe your comfort and fashion preferences out at the post climbing party are different, but when you are climbing you want your pants to be very flexible (those high feet huh?) and have a slim fit (because cams and nut tools just don’t like those oversized loose pants.. neither your knee pads, the tight squeeze chimney and the calf locks that you love soo much). The Kailas 9a pants will serve you well, whether you are in the climbing gym, the nearest local outdoor gym, bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, squeezing yourself into your house chimney or using it as your Halloween banana custom.


The pros:

·         They are flexible! -  not big, flexible. While climbing you will not feel any resistance, heel hooking above your head, super high feet or the occasional splits to impress your friends, you won’t even think about it.

·         Durable – I don’t really think about anything when I try to survive my way up a squeeze chimney, usually my pants and harness pay the price. My 9a pants did pretty well on 20m squeeze, only few stiches seemed to start wearing off. Luckily, all stiches are backed up.

·         Water resistance – another summer in CO, the 15 min surprise rain caught me.  For light rain, you are absolutely covered with the 9a’s. The pants are water-resistant and the rain drops will just slide down. For heavy rain, eventually you will get socked, but with a few shakes and wearing them for 30 minutes they will get them dry back again.

·         Breathable – sure, nothing is better than your nevernudes on a hot summer day. But as for long pants with no ventilation holes it is so great to feel the wind passing through.

·         Simple –there are two small casual pockets that don’t add much fabric or bulkiness, two silicon flexible buttons down low and two options for your brush. Not too many gimmicks, the pants are simple and clean.

·         You will look like a climber – maybe your parents will finally understand that you goal in life is not to get married and make money…


The cons:

·         The button – beside a zipper and a velcro layer that keeps this pants falling from this thing you call your ass, there is the button on the inside. It is not very noticeable, but not easy to put on or take off and seems like it won’t last long, maybe back it up if you know how to use a thread and a needle…

·         Elastic waistband –it might be a personal preference, but only after a week of climbing with the pants the elastic band became looser and having dinner with the pants was not too bad as I stuff my face with food and my stomach expand.

·         Small pockets – for climbing I don’t need much except a climbing topo in my pockets at most, but with today’s big phones and wallets maybe it won’t be the best everyday use for the average city rat.

So why yes? Because we all have pants we buy to climb with, whether if you are too embarrassed to admit that you spent money on a pair of pants instead of opening a saving account for your new dry treated bi-pattern rope, you probably already wearing a pair of climbing pants just because you wanted too..


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