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Ok, so lets start with the basics.


First, the pants are very well constructed. The materials and stitching are top notch as what you would expect from high end climbing pants. If you are anything like me the pants will see a lot of abuse scrambling around on the rocks so making sure that the materials hold up well is very important. These have held up very well to sliding around on sandstone boulders and hiking around the dense woods of the South Eastern US looking for new climbs. The material also does a good job of repelling dirt which keeps them looking very nice.


Second, these pants are very comfortable. It doesn’t matter how well the pants are constructed if they don’t feel comfortable I won’t wear them. These pants are very comfortable and easy to climb in. The 5% Spandex provide a high level of flexibly and does not restrict movement making them excellent to climb and hike around in. They have performed equally for both big dynamic moves as well as slow technical.


Third, the design and styling of the pants are great. While the construction and comfort of these pants are top notch they are equally stylish. No other way to put it, the design and colors are just plain cool - they look great in photos. While looks may be low on other people lists it’s great to have a pant that performs well and looks great.

All and all these have become my go to climbing pants and I highly recommend them.

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