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The Kailas 9a rock climbing pant is a versatile, durable and comfortable pant that’s handy while bouldering indoors, spending a day at the crag, or even on long trad climbs. With some adjustments to the fit and features, this could be anyone's go to climbing pant. Overall the look and feel of this pant stands out. The fabric has a high quality feel and an interesting, unique design that made others ask about the brand at my local gym. Indoors the 9a is great, as the baggy fit is allows for mobility and comfort.


I discovered this product is great for even the most reckless climbing adventures. I learned this first hand while testing the 9a on a rather sketchy trad climb that ended in a night spent shivering on a ledge. I was first impressed during the first few pitches of a low 5th class crack, which proved unusually scary when I discovered it was mostly filled with snow and ice. It turns out the fabric on the 9a dries quickly, despite the thicker fabric. Next up for this test was a series of tight chimneys that scraped and damaged the rest of my gear, but the 9a pant’s durable material held up perfectly. Later, after a few mistakes in route finding, we found ourselves climbing over a rather challenging roof which didn’t seem to fit the grade. I was glad to find the 9a quite flexible, and the stretchable fabric made uncomfortable heel hooks easier. Things got worse when the wind picked up, the climbing got a little chilly, and we decided to bail. With some bad choices and bad luck, we found ourselves on a small ledge in the dark, planning to stay the night. We encountered a few microwave sized blocks that came to try and join us once we made it there, and were thankful to see them bounce away from the cliff above our heads. While huddling throughout the cold night I was happy to discover the 9a climbing pant is wind resistant, and managed to help keep me warm through the night. The product held up incredibly well throughout this misadventure, and I was thankful for that it’s unusual durability and resistance.


The sizing is my only complaint with this pant. Despite checking the size chart, I find the elastic waist band does not fit as specified. Usually I’ll wear a belt with these pants if I’m not wearing a harness. Other than this, I’m extremely happy with the Kailas 9a climbing pant, and would recommend it to any gym climber, or someone on a reckless adventure.

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