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I had the chance to test out the Men’s Rock Climbing Pants (9A) and was pleasantly surprised. At first I was worried I had chosen the wrong size (European vs American sizes are difficult to compare). The initial fit seemed snug and I was certain I wasn’t going to be able to walk around in them, let alone climb. I gave them a shot anyways, and was quite surprised at how comfortable they were. They are just stretchy enough to allow plenty of movement, but not so stretchy that they snag and tear on every single branch or rock. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt in them, I didn’t feel like I was suffocating nor restricted at all. I was making high steps without even a hint of an issue.

I feel I put them through more abuse than I normally would have my normal pants, I felt I needed to really get into the tough approaches and tough climbs, to really test them out. Not once did I feel like I regretted giving them a shot. I particularly like how smooth they felt on the skin, I didn’t feel like I was being abraded to death by tough pants.

As with most things, it can’t all be good I guess. My only complaint would be the waist area. I tended to sweat more than usual around the waist where the pants hung onto my hips. The waist band on the pants are a bit taller than I’m used to and it felt like I was wearing a large stretchy belt. I don’t think this would have been any problem if the waist breathed as much as the rest of the pants did.Overall I would like to have more pants from Kailas, I could easily see myself only wearing these as my everyday outdoors pants. They don’t feel like they would be rugged enough for the abuse, but they held up perfectly. 

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