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Ideal uses: bouldering, sport climbing, gym climbing, competition climbing

Not good for: Multi-pitch, Alpine


The good:

       These pants are an absolute delight and you can almost taste the quality (I didn’t.. but I bet you could) while climbing anywhere from hot and sweaty single pitch sport climbs when pushing your grade to shaded top 100 boulder problems on the rainy coast of British Columbia in Squamish. These pants even help you perform at your local climbing competition (and the fact that you’re the brightest and most stylish one there doesn't hurt either). I used these pants in the dry heat of the Skaha bluffs (Pentiction, BC, Canada) and while I'm usually quiet the sweaty climber, I have to give these pants credit for keeping me cool while trying my first 6c+ even helped me get the onsight which turned out to be quite the marathon at 35 meters. Even though the pants are quite thin the water resistance keeps you from accumulating any additional unwanted water weight while climbing in a light to moderate rain shower due to how quickly the pant drys and its ability to wick away water. My favourite feature of these pants is how durable and stretchy they are, I am 6’0” tall and weigh around 175lbs and went with the medium size which fits perfectly. The button/velcro closure and zipper fly along with the extra stretch in the waistband makes sure they stay on and move with me even after a little too many post crag beers. But wait, there’s more! Kailas’s diamond cut and tough stitches helps with your freedom of movement while and keeps you confident that you wont blow the crotch while making          your way through the crux and These pants are so stylish. How stylish are they you may             ask? So stylish that I could not count the number of compliments on the colour and               design I had while training in the gym or outside at my local crag and I absolutely loved           the subtle designs stitched into the side of the pant and the hidden buttons on the inside              of the pant at mid calf making them easy to roll up into a capri which (believe it or not)               made them even more stylish. Im confident these pants will help me climb 9a in no time            (you know, after first getting everything from 7b+ - 8c+ first)


The not so good:

       Although I don't have many negative points on these pants given how awesome they are and how they are even easy to wash which has never been my forte (laundry? no           thanks) there are a few points I cant seem to look past. First off there is the brush holder               which, don't get me wrong, is a great idea for bouldering, is in a bad spot.. If you are         climbing sport just put your brush in your chalk bag because this pocket is right in the          way of your leg loop while harnessed up for sport. One other thing I wouldn't mind is one    more pocket that can be secured by a button or zipper and, a few more colour options               never hurt, don't get me wrong I love the bright yellow but I don't always want to stick out        like a size 4 cam at a sport crag, you know? The 9a pant is also not one I would take on          the big wall ascents or into the alpine. But, these are purely minor details and are not               a big deal if you use these pants for their ideal uses which to me seems to be bouldering     or single pitch climbing.



Overall I would give these pants a 4.5/5 and will be bringing these pants on all my sport climbing trips for years to come! Thanks for making a quality pant Kailas!


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