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I started climbing for only about a year before owning my first pair of climbing pants. After ripping through about 3 pair of yoga pants from heading outdoors I decided to invest in some climbing pants. After a bit of research, I checked out the brands that seemed most popular, with Kailas coming in as one of the top brands. After owning my first pair of Kailas, I was adicted! I needed more of these awesome pants. I was stoked to have been selected as a gear tester for their 9a women trousers.  They were not wrong when they said these were 4-way stretch with breathable fabric. I could do splits in every direction with these babies on. 

The Kailas tend to sit slightly higher than most pants on the hips which is fantastic. This means that I don’t have to pull my pants a little higher after every boulder like with most pants.


The first feature which I really loved were the buttons that were used for the internal waist closure and bottom cuff roll up. These buttons are bendy! Which means if they get caught on something, they won’t end up cracking or snapping or even breaking from overuse. A few other great features that don’t necessarily fall under the practicality category, was the pretty stitching behind the leg and on the side of the hip. I was really looking forward to the cool colourful eye feature that is displayed on the Kailas website, however when I received the pants I was surprised to see that they had changed the designed and placed a climbing shoe on instead. Love the shoe, but I still think the eye design is nicer.


Unintentionally, I had a very good test of the quick dry ability of the trousers. I had let my pants dry outside the night before. In the morning, I realised that it was raining all of the night before and the trousers were completely soaked through. However after letting my pants dry inside the house, within 15 to 20 minutes the trousers had dried.


Con – Even though the Velcro feature for the waist seems good quality, I feel like that feature isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Other Kailas pants available have either button or drawstring feature instead which seems to be more of a popular choice for people.

Another feature I wasn’t a fan of was that the pant pockets are only accessible from the top & quite shallow, which makes standing in a cool slouched position very difficult and awkward.


Thought $109 Aud isn’t exactly cheap, it is considerably more affordable than some other brands available in Australia. I would and have highly recommended Kailas pants to all my friends as the are breathable, stretchy, comfortable, quick dry and have a fantastic colour range available!

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