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This back pack is unique…

When I received it, I was more than excited to unpack it and figure out all the features it offers... to my biggest surprise this bag packs a lot more punch than expected! I assume hence the name Mutant.


On first sight, it seemed very sturdy, to the point I thought it might be made of a rigid material but when examined better I found out that the material was easy to fold pliable but also very durable! The waterproof and wear resistant 4200 D HD Cordura is an excellent choice of material for a pack that should protect your gear in a sudden storm and still provide comfort.



              The “brain” folds toward the outside instead of the traditional way and it includes two large zipper pockets, one from outside, one from inside. Both sizeable enough to load headlamps, first aid kits and other essentials.

              The main compartment is accessible from the top and from the side for quick access. Inside you’ll find two gear-loops on the top to keep your heavier gear from sinking to the bottom, while hiking. There is also a nice pocket for a water bladder with a hydration tube opening right above it aligned in the middle allowing you to route the tube to either sides.

              The outside compartment is designed for crampons, but if your destination doesn’t require one it seems to be super handy for other equipment you want separated from the rest of your gear (chalk, climbing shoes), or you may elect in storing here something for easy fast access, such as a poncho, or a bottle of water.

              The several clip points, for gear you want to carry on the outside of your pack are located on the top and front. To maximize capacity by default the rope straps up on the top of the bag using the quick fasten loops. For other equipment such as skis, snowboard, ice axes, and walking poles, several thoughtful methods are designed and all displayed on the inside of the brain.


       Size: well, I just have to say it: size matters! Most packs are almost the right size, but if you must downsize your load on a one day mission because lack of space, you end up jeopardizing your entire expeditions success! When I laid out my gear I was sure it isn’t going to fit… but,

              The Mutant has enough room for everything!

I packed up a light jacket, in case the weather closes un us, 20 quick draws, a double rack of cams a single rack of hexes, TC Pro shoes, chalk bag full, harness, 4 liters of water 2 in a bladder and 2 in a spare bladder, a generous amount of food and bars, headlamp and first aid kit, and an 80 m half rope.



       Comfort: is one of the most important features of a backpack and unfortunately is what most other backpacks leak of, so making a difference it really comes down to this factor. Hands down this is the most comfortable pack I’ve ever tested in this size. Even fully loaded it gave me a lot of freedom to move and it felt light enough that I kept on thinking I forgot something at the base camp.

              Well I must start with the waist belt! Besides the usual padded cinch belt system, the Mutant offers more! You can actually adjust the position of the waist pads and make it fit for people with very different hip sizes or preferences! This is something you almost never see on other packs, yet it’s essential for a comfortable fit! The waist pads also feature a zipper pocket and a gear loop.

              The shoulder straps are also comfortable and well designed with an adjustable chest strap plus whistle.


              The suspension system is called SAS 3D, provides very good weight distribution and comfortable fit.


Cons: very few if any that matter

1.      At a full load the aluminum frame interferes with zipping up the brain, but if packed with extra care this is easy to avoid.

2.      The waist belt zipper pocket is too small to fit any recent model smart phones, but there is plenty room in the waterproof brain for electronics.

3.      Feels weird to mention it, but this pack comes in bright colors only. Outdoors enthusiasts including myself are likely to try to blend in with the environment vs being unavoidably visible for wildlife and others.


Pros: almost too many to mention

1.      Durable, waterproof material.

2.      Innovative design.

3.      Features for all scenarios.

4.      Comfort and adjustability.

Bottom Line:

       If you are a climber, skier, if you love extreme adventures, and go to places where your gear can make a difference between success and failure, the Mutant 45 is one of the best choices you can make when picking your pack for a one day trip.

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