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After using the Kailas Vacuo Quickdraws alongside several other popular quickdraw models, the Vacuos are among my favorites. I tested the Vacuos on an assortment of different sport climbing routes and have found where they truly shine.



Speaking of shine, these draws are bright! In the Orange Red colorway, not only do they pop in pictures, but they are easy to find on your harness and impossible to accidently leave behind on those sport sessions that end after sundown. I tested the Vacuo quickdraws in the Orange Red colorway which are beautiful, but I think I would prefer the Sky Blue / Iron Gray colorway. The advantage to different colored ‘biners is the ease of differentiating between the bolt-end and rope-end of the quickdraw. That said, once they are racked onto your harness, I don’t notice any difference once on the route.


Handling / Performance:

The Vacuos are burly full sized sport climbing quickdraws. The 26mm thick webbing dogbone inspires confidence and, in combination with a rubber sleeve on the rope-end, it keeps the ‘draws feeling stiff to facilitate easy clipping. The thick webbing is also very comfortable if grabbing the ‘draw on an A0 bolt ladder or if working a sport route. While the bolt-end gate feels slightly rigid when unclipping from your harness, the buttery-smooth clipping action of the rope-end carabiner more than makes up for it. The curvature of the rope-end biner is more aggressive than any other quickdraw I have used, and it really enhances the ease of clipping the rope. Finally, when cleaning these draws from steep routes, the keylock design prevents frustrating “nose-hooking”, making the whole experience more enjoyable.



Despite their burly appearance, the Vacuo quickdraws are still average weight for sport climbing quickdraws. Because the Kailas Ultra Wire Quickdraw is so lightweight, however, I would recommend those for trad climbing, and saving the Vacuos for sport routes. The Vacuo Quickdraws come in two lengths: 350px and 500px. The 350px length is perfect for all-around sport climbing on relatively straight routes, allowing you to save a bit of weight and bulk. The 500px length reduces rope drag on wandering routes without the flimsy handling of runners. I enjoy having a variety of lengths, and recommend trying the 500px length to complement your other quickdraws.


Overall, I would recommend the Kaislas Vacuo Quickdraws for sport climbing where durability and ease of clipping are a priority.

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