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Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try a pair of the Kailas 9a Pants. I was excited to try them out because in the Netherlands it is hard to find good climbing pants for small people (I’m 1.65 m). I use the pants  for  sport-  and multipitch  climbing.

My friends telling me, you look so colorful, you always have bright t-shirts and short pants. Now I’m telling them, this new long pant of Kailas and fits perfectly to my collection.

The first time outdoor climbing with this pant was in Berdorf – Luxemburg with temp between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius. When you put this light weight flexible pant on, a new world opens. They directly feel amazing; never have any drawback in your flexibility which is really important to me. I like to do flexible movements. The hip band feels comfortable and not too tight or lose. The button is maybe slightly too small, I’m scared when I would have wider hips the button will break. The legs are a little  too long, which is a common problem to my short body. Luckily there are buttons to allow the pants to be rolled up about halfway to the knee. For  the approach or just hiking I put the legs long without the buttons. When I’m climbing the pants go rolled up to half the knee which is perfect.

In Berdorf the rock is made of sandstone which is not friendly to you gear and clothes. I was curious how the pants feel after a good weekend of  hard

climbing with many knee bars, sanding to the wall and scums. Surprisingly the pants were untouched, naturaly there was some sand and dirty on the pants. I accidently washed the pants on 60 degrees Celsius, which is far away from the recommended temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The pants came out of the machine as new brand. They have excellent durability.

Things I love about the pants:

-         Flexibility!


-         Buttons to rolled up the pants about halfway to the knee


-         Color


-         Durability


-         The brush holder Doubts, or don’t know yet:

-         How strong is the belly button?


-         Water resistance



This pant will stick to me as long as it lives, it will have many amazing adventures. It let me feel great, look good and maybe even let me climb better!

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