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Ever since Kailas Rock Searching has initiated in Ya ngshuo in the summer of 2012, a rock program among the vast territory of China has been launched. Kailas Rock Searching is a program that by gathering the top climbers from around the globe, identifies and develops high quality rock climbing spots in the virgin land. We hope to have more people participated, sharing the same joy with our climbers, and this is the goal of Rock Searching Program, to promote and welcome more climbers to enjoy climbing and the great outdoors. The year 2016 has been the fifth year for “Rock Searching”.
The rock hidden deep among the forests is not only the mysterious land of beauty, but also the holy place for climbers. We the Kailas Rock Searching team consider ourselves guardians of the rock, uncovering its beauty of the world of climbing. Stop after stop, while we were discovering many stunning rock climbing spots we were also able to develop many new and challenging routes, Along our travel, we also met a lot of climb buddies who would climb and laugh with us.