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I was thrilled to test the Selma helmet for my trip to Red Rock Canyon, Nevada for 12 days of glorious climbing! I tinkered with the helmet a bit prior to the trip to ensure it would work and off I went (with no backup helmet)! Here’s the breakdown of my experience:


Fit(head circumference 53-1525px): For a “one size” helmet, this fit my head (1375px) perfectly and it only took ONE try! I did not have to fight with the adjustable straps or dial, nor did I have to continually adjust my helmet throughout the day – which has happened with many helmets. This would also be a great helmet for groups or clubs with multiple users! I would say it beats most other “one size” climbing helmets on the market.


Headlamp Clips:I gave this the true test on the “tunnel” pitch of Tunnel Vision where you actually need a headlamp. My headlamp stayed put the entire time, even after a fall.

Internal Venting System: After wearing the helmet for nearly 9 hours of climbing in hot weather (in the sun on and off), I did not feel the need to take the helmet off to let my head breath. By the end, I had minimal “hat” hair and did not have a sweaty, wet head.


Weight (275g):The overall weight of the helmet felt very light. It ranked 3 out 5 in weight compared to alleged lightweight models on the market with similar features. Considering the Selma claims to be suitable for other activities such as mountain biking, it ranks quite competitively in terms of weight.


Overall:The Selma is comfortable, fits well with very minimal adjusting on long days of climbing, and best of all it did not get in the way of climbing. I will continue to use the Selma for my next rock climbing pursuits including Thunder Bay, ONT, Squamish, BC and the Rockies, AB!


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