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       I will start by just saying that Selma Lightweight Climbing Helmet is the best helmet I ever tried!!!

       First of all, it is the lighter helmet I ever tried!!! When the product arrived I thought the box was empty!! Yeap, the Selma Helmet is that light! It is perfect if you climb or belay all day and the best option for long multi-pitch routes. I was wearing Selma Helmet in many occasions (sport climbing, belaying, etc.) but I was really impressed when I had to wear it all day long in a multipitch route. It was so comfortable and light that it was like I wasn’t wearing a helmet at all.

       Another huge advantage is the fact that Selma Helmet provides good ventilation. Its internal venting system with 12 vents really reduce moisture and heat which is really important if you have to climb in a hot day (believe me in Greece there are many hot days)!!!

       Selma Helmet is also a very strong helmet, something I found out while climbing in a crag with loose rock (perfect protection) plus it has perfect clips for headlamps which is really convenient in case you have to rappel without daylight or for your night projects!!!


       Finally I find that Selma Helmet has a very good fit. You can adjust it for your needs (it can be really tight or looser if you want) and due to the soft parts inside of the helmet you feel like the helmet embraces your head perfectly.

       Another huge advantage is Selma Helmet innovative design. Besides the clips for headlamps, the internal venting system and the soft parts inside the helmet, the slightly upward arched front lines enlarges climber's vision which is crucial while climbing but it also helps reduce neck pain.

       The only disadvantage I can find is the price compared to other helmets in the market. But considering that a helmet is one of the most important pieces of your gear I wouldn’t think is a cost but as an investment!!!


The bottom line

Selma helmet IS really the best helmet I have ever tried!! It is light, strong, and durable with great venting system and perfect fit. Actually Selma Helmet has everything you need from a helmet!!

Five Stars!!!




- Light

- Perfect Fit and Comfortable

- Strong

- Durable

- Great Venting System

- Innovative design (clips for headlamp, soft parts inside, slightly upward arched front lines, etc)




- Price

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