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I initially reached out to Kailas regarding this helmet because I wasn’t satisfied with my current helmet. I always wear a helmet while climbing, but mine was hot, heavy and awkward to adjust.  I also wanted a little more coverage in the back of my head.

When the helmet first arrived, it ticked all my boxes. Lightweight, with great ventilation and an easy to use screw adjust in the back. When you first try it on, the helmet does feel a little bit wide, but after you adjust the back and do up the chin strap, it stayed in place just fine. I think the feeling is because the adjustable band doesn’t wrap around the side of your head like my previous helmet, it is just front and back. It works well, but feels a little weird the first time. I also found the foam in the front felt a little sticky and I was concerned about what would happen when I sweated. I was used to a fabric sweat band over the forehead. Once again, the helmet defied my expectations and worked just fine. Whatever material that foam is, it seems to keep sweat out of your eyes!

The first couple trips I took the helmet on were spring climbing in the Canadian Rockies. It often snowed and I was wearing a toque. The helmet fit well with a toque underneath and the easy adjustment was nice to adjust to different layers.

The next trip I went on was a 2 week trip to Indian Creek. Unlike in Canada, I was usually hot, sweaty and putting the ventilation to the test! Luckily, the helmet delivered. It had good ventilation and the white color also seemed to keep my head cool. When combined with the better foam coverage on the back and sides, I was very happy with this helmet. Unfortunately, right after the trip finished, my helmet broke. I had it strapped to the outside of my pack for an approach, as I usually do. The plastic piece that fits into one of the vents and holds the chin strap in place cracked and pulled out. I hadn’t knocked the helmet around much on that particular day, but at the same time, I expect my helmet to handle a bit of banging around! That I hadn’t notice catching my helmet on anything made me concerned about the strength of those attachments in general. What if it broke mid-climb on a multi pitch?

Because of the failure, I cannot recommend this helmet. The rest of the helmet still looks brand new, but I can’t use it. My other helmets have been scratched and banged up, gotten caught in trees and stuffed in packs. They all held up for year and this helmet barely held up for two months. If the issue with the chin strap were resolved, I would definitely have kept the helmet. It was cool and comfortable with great coverage. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon!

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