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In depth review:

I received a pair of women's Kailas pants and wore them for several months, bouldering, sport climbing, hiking, and trad climbing. I was impressed with how durable they were. The fabric is fairly lightweight and breathable, but even though I wore them on several multipitch crack climbs, they do not show any signs of wear. I also particularly liked how much stretch the fabric had - I generally climb in either a pair of prana halle pants or BD stretch cotton pants, and these were much more stretchy and less constricting than both of my other go to climbing pants. They never got in the way of high stepping or any other moves I tried to make. I also did quite a bit of scumming and thrutching through some offwidths and the pants provided good protection and don't seem to show and signs of wear. They also held up well through a few search and rescue grid searches that took me through brambles and thorny bushes. Despite that, they are lightweight enough to be comfortable on a hot day in late May in Indian Creek. 


I was also a big fan of the bright color, it's a nice departure from the grey and black pants that everyone else is wearing and got lots of questions at the crag from people who wanted to know where I got my pants from. The material is about average in picking up stains - by the end of a climbing trip, they got pretty covered with dirt and aluminum dust and against the bright color the stains really showed up. Once I washed them the the dirt and other stains pretty much came out, though. 


While the cut was very comfortable, they were a bit baggy. I'm used to wearing a slimmer fit - these pants were a little  loose in the hips and butt and tapered a towards the ankles. According to the size chart, I was between a small and a medium, so ordered a medium because other reviews I read said that they ran small; I'm not sure this is the case and I think a small would have for better. Since I haven't come across of these pants in person before, it was hard to determine the fit/sizing. For reference I'm 5'4" and about 115 lbs with a fairly typical climber's build, meaning bigger shoulders and back. 


The pants have a really nice wide elastic waist band and didn't have any extra crap around the waist. I really hate climbing pants with drawstrings because they are always getting tangled in my harness. Kailas solves the problem of waist adjustability with a generous piece of elastic. The pants then close with a button, velcro, and zippered fly. I was concerned about the velcro getting dirty and not staying closed, but so far it's been holding up. The button is made of a nice soft rubber like material, but was not sewed on well - it looks like it is going to fall off and I keep forgetting to reinforce the stitching. In Kailas' defense, though, the waistband button has fallen off of all three pairs of prana halle pants I own as well, so maybe I'm just really hard on buttons. 


There are a few other nice details like a brush holder and buttons to hold up the pant legs if you want to roll them up. There are also two very generous front pockets that are lined with mesh; I'm so tired of manufacturers putting tiny BS pockets on women's pants so it was really nice to have full sized pockets. I do wish there was a zippered pocket on the side to hold a topo or phone - with a harness on, the front pockets are largely inaccessible and it would be nice to have an easily accessed pocket for multipitching. There are no back pockets, which I didn't miss, and contributed to a clean look. 


Overall, I am really happy with these pants and they are my new go to climbing pants for all except the hottest days when I switch to capri tights. 

Women's kailas pants review summary:

Pros: comfortable, durable, great color

Cons: sizing a little difficult to assess online. Button looks like it might fall off. 

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