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What's the Story Behind the Medal?

Stanislav Kokorin Got the gold medal again in his 50th anniversary of speed IFSC world cup in Xiamen. Yet it took him two year and a half for the medal. Netta Fredman won a third place in Wujiang, with the previous IFSC result 27 place. How did they make this happen? What's the story behind them?  


Stanislav Kokorin is no small name in the speed climbing front. Kokorin´s medal count is sky-high. As a 3 time champion in the IFSC World Cup, 2 time silver medalist and 3 time bronze medalist he has continued to display impeccable and consistent mastery of the sport. With a total medal count of 27 which is an assortment of gold, silver and bronze medals, his victories are no mean feat. His championships are not only limited to the IFCS World Cup but they go as far as the World Championships, World Games, European Championship, Asia X-Games, USA Championship, Central Asia Championship, Fajr Master Cup, Germany Speed Cup, Dubai Speed Cup and IFCS Rock Masters.


His winning streak started as early as 2010 when he won a silver medal in the European Championship. His track record may lead you to think that it has always been a smooth sailing for this speed climber. Contrary to this belief, in the 26th autumn of Kokorin’s life and his 50th anniversary of the Speed World Cup held in Xiamen, Kokorin bagged a gold medal, the 10th of his career. This gold medal did not come easy. Kokorin had to wait a long two and a half years before he could bag this coveted medal. He struggled with mental and physical fitness which was much necessary to carry him through the strenuous sport. He realized that his attitude greatly affected the quality of his training and resolved to have fun with it. To Kokorin it was much more than just a victory, it was an affirmation that hard work pays. It was the people that believed in him that pushed him to such great heights. His mum, his wife, his coach and the Kailas band had greatly contributed to this victory.

But Kokorin is not just all about sports and hardcore training. In his free time, he likes making funny videos and uploading them on kOkO TV. As a religious follower of the climbing blog, Kokorin got an amazing opportunity as a writer in the Russian climbing magazine and already has three of his articles published. He passes on his talent by coaching kids. His children centered initiatives led him and his team to represent Kailas during the Russian Championship where Kailas was the official sponsor. Lead winners got ropes; speed winners got pans and warm jackets and Medalists in this tournament were awarded chalk bags and t-shirts. Spectators took part in a lottery grand draw and the lucky ones took home part of the lottery price.

That is not it for Kokorin. On 30th May, launched the first of a kind in a kids’ event called kOkO CUP! 60 little climbers took part in this event in speed discipline. This was a good and interactive platform that was fun and presented a learning opportunity for the kids.

Netta Fredman:

Netta Fredman a phenomenal 21 year old speed climber, who has been training since she was 6 years old, stood on the podium in 3rd place at the IFSC world cup lead climbing in Wujiang gaining international recognition. Defying many odds, Netta has placed herself on the sports map as a great competition for others in the sport. She came in a disappointing 27th place in Paris after training for only two months due to her injuries. She had thought that she was in good shape and ready to face her competition but her mental fitness was somewhat weak. During her warm up qualification, she felt light headed but as a non-quitter, she pushed on into the second climb miraculously regaining stability and enjoying her climb. Unfortunately, she fell back to the 27th position.

To her, this was a learning experience that she used as the stepping stone for her next game. Netta only had 4 days to refuel and get back on the ropes at the Israeli lead cup. Incredibly, she managed to control her pressure during the competition. Staying focused on her intended win; she toped all 3 routs and earned herself a gold medal. This win makes her a 7 time consecutive winner and title defendant at the Israeli Lead Championship.

But that is not it to Netta’s name. She has competed at the world cup in Imst, Austria, Chamonix, France and Wujiang, China.

To Netta, climbing has had such a huge impact in her life as it has taught her about herself. Climbing has trained her on diligence, persistence, hard work, goal accomplishment and how to overcome challenges. She has embraced climbing as part of her daily routine through training. Her favorite climbing place is Tivoli climbing gym in Innsbruck which perfectly encompasses her quiet nature and hardcore training.

In her free time, Netta likes to stay at home, chilling in front of the TV. She also enjoys cooking healthy food for herself and her family and is a lover of salads.