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  • ByTanner Bridges
  • May 12, 2018
This is a fantastic crag bag. The duffel style is the way to because you get access to all your gear at once. There are enough pockets to separate and organize everything. I like the rope tarp that comes out of the bottom and actually just cut the fabric connecting it to the bag so that I could move the rope tarp and bag individually.

  • ByDaniel Parker
  • Apr 24, 2018
I just took this pack on a crack climbing trip, I managed to fit an 80M rope and a double rack of cams, along with everything else (shoes, harness, food, helmet, etc). The shoulder straps felt great and adjusted to my frame comfortably, and the padding was thick and breathable, (no cam lobes stabbing you in the back). I didn't use the beer pouch for refrigeration of anything, however it is awesome to have for trash, especially things like banana peels and apple cores to keep that separate from all of your gear.
The duffel style, and internal gear loops make it pretty ideal as a cragging pack.

  • ByCasey Elliott
  • Apr 24, 2018
Best crag bag ever! I use the "beer" cooler for trash so that my old banana peels do not get the rest of my bag all gross. It is really easy to wash it out later. The number of inside and outside pockets make it super easy to fit a lot of small gear that you don't wan't to lose or get crushed ( like belay specs), as well as separate things like a chalkbag so that it doesn't spill everywhere. Then, the duffel aspect is great because I can huck the rest of my draws, cams, shoes, and whatnot directly in the bag and zip it up no problem.

  • Byjai critchley
  • Feb 17, 2018
This pack combines the fundamental needs of the climber. It has a comfy harness provides enough space for a rope and rack etc. And keeps three beers (you can squeeze 4) cold for at least 8hrs. An excellent and versatile crag pack

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