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Birth date: August 12, 1985

Residence: Israel

The age of starting climb: 11

Expertise: Climbing, Photography and flying

Facebook: Alon Brookstein / Alon Brookstein Photography

Instagram: Brook46


What’s your story?

Started climbing as a kid in Israel, I had to take a 10 year brake. But I’m back!


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Flying and watching movies.


What is your favourite aspect of climbing?

Being there doing what some times feels impossible and always challenging your self


What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

First try on the Sphinx in Peru. It started raining when we were more than half way up the wall, and had to bale and rappel 400 meters of slippery granite and hike back 2 days, shivering and exhausted. (we came back and climbed it a week after).


What’s your recent climbing accomplishment?

Traveling for over 14 months from Alaska through Canada, and the west coast of the US toPatagonia and back. Climbing as much rock as I could.


Where is your favourite climbing place? Why?

Where ever there’s a good potential for an adventure.  


What colours you like best?

Green and blue


What’s your favourite food?

Ice cream