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Birth date: March 21st, 1994 (age:  22)

Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah

The age of starting climb: 8

Expetise: Bouldering

Website: dbclimbingjourneys.blogspot.com      

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danny.popowski

Instagram: dannyclimbs7


Whats your story?

I began climbing at an early age in a climbing gym near Baltimore, Maryland. I began competition climbing several years later. The excitement of competition truly exposed me to the sport of climbing. At the age of 18 I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend school at the University of Utah. Once in Utah I discovered a whole new world of outdoor and indoor climbing. Climbing has become more than a sporft for me, it is a lifestyle. I spend most of my freetime in the gym training for my next big climbing goal.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I greatly enjoy alpine skiing during the winter. When it is just too cold to climb outside, you can always find me in the mountains skiing.


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?

When you find a new project that you know is going to push you to your limits. As soon as I send a project, I immediately begin thinking about the climb I want to try.

I absolutely love the outdoors! Climbing takes you to places you would never expect to visit.


What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

Thinking back several years ago I remember walking up to certain boulder problem and thinking that is and will forever be out of reach. I will never forget the moment severl years later when I was pulling myself to the top of that very boulder.


What’s your recent climbing accomplishment?

Recently while on a 5 week trip to Rocklands, South Africa I was able to send “The Quintessential“ my first V13. I was also able to send a total of 32 climbs graded V10 / 7c+ or above while on my trip.


Where is your favorite climbing place? Why?

Rocklands, South Africa

The climbing in this region is absolutely amazing! Every boulder has perfectly formed holds that promote dynamic movement. Climbing here is reminiscent of climbing indoors.


What colors you like best?



Whats your favorite food?



What’s else you would like to share with Kailas Friends?

I find it important to surround yourself with great friends when climbing. Part of the reason why I love climbing is because of the people that I get to meet on a regular basis. Lastly, having quality gear makes every occasion a little more enjoyable