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Birth date: 25/04/1981

Residence: Annecy, French Alps

The age of starting climb: 13 years old

Expetise: Ice-climbing, dry-tooling, mountaineering

Facebook Athlete page:


TV show:


20 years rock-climbing and mountaineering
15 years ice-climbing
10 years dry-tooling

Whats your story?

Since I was born, I was going in the mountain with my parents, my 2 brothers and 1 sister. Then I went up alone above my home town in the middle of the Alps. First trail running then higher, climbing and mountaineering. After many years of practicing those sport I became stronger and focused on the futuristic sport of dry-tooling.
My passion is ice-climbing but nowadays winter are warmer with less ice and if you want to climb hard stuff you have to go on the rock!
Today I have a baby boy and enjoying the fatherhood. Still climbing stronger with many exciting projects to come!!


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reading guide books, multipitches and gullies with her girlfriend and packing for a next ascent!


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?

Having fun with friends and fighting against getting pumped!


Whats your most memorable climbing experience?

Climbing the Grandes Jorasses North Face (French Alps, Mont Blanc massif). 1200m, M9 mixed climbing with a bivy on the wall in the middle of the face and 12d pitches to finish!


Whats your recent climbing accomplishment?

The most difficult route in the World, A line above the sky, D15 in Italy.50m roof!! Only one try per day was allowed since it is so hard that you dont have enough energy to try one more time in a day. Did it the second day before had to leave!


Where is your favorite climbing place? Why?

Chamonix! Because it has everything, from bouldering, sport climbing, ice climbing, multipitches, gullies, free riding to dry-tooling! In a remote place at high altitude.


What colors you like best?

Red, blue and orange


Whats your favorite food?

Pastas, bread, ham and cheese like a real French. Not so much candies


3rd at the French ice-climbing championship
2nd in 2013 and 4th in 2014 at the Kandersteg (Switzerland) ice climbing festival
6 participations in ice-climbing world cup in 2012 and 2013
Winner of the famous contest Dry-Tooling Style tour in 2010
Organization of the Dry-Tooling Style tour since 2011

New routes and FAs:
Main developer of the hardest and biggest cliff for dry-tooling in the world (Usine in France)
Usine presentation: , and  
Bolted the hardest dry-tooling multipitch in the world (Bionic Agapi, 220m, D12)
Main character for the next biggest dry-tooling movie: Generation Dry (

Dry-tooling Accomplishments:
Onsigthing usually D12/D13
D11 Bionic Agapi, 220m (2 Alpes, French Alps) Opened ground-up and first ascent
D9 Byaisse ta culotte, 180m (Brian
çon, French Alps) First onsight ascent
Next level (Usine, France)
D13 Castor et Pollux (Faverges, France)
D13+ Tartare sabl
é (Usine,France) Second try
D14 Bichette (Usine, France)
D13+ DTS 2015 (Usine, France)
D13 DTS Man (Usine, France)
D13 D
ébilos (Quintal, France)
D13 Spider man (Eptingen, Switzerland)
First try
D12+ Bananaz splitz (Naz, Switzerland)

D14+ Tartare Sablé (Usine, France)
D15 The big traverse (Usine, France)
D14+ DTS Man (Usine, France)
D15 A line above the sky (Dolomites, Italy)
First try Hardest route in the world!!
And many more

Mixed-climbing Accomplishments:
M8 Monomania, 1000m (Grandes Jorasses, France)
M9 Patrick Berthet (La Grave, France)
M9 Direct Jarjatte (Chamousset, France)
M10/D9 Bachi-bouzouk, 300m (Roche Parnal, French Alps)
Second free ascent
M8/WI6 New Generation, 300m (Gramussat, French Alps)
M8/WI5+ Patrick Berthet, 250m (La Grave, French Alps)
M9/WI6 L
Oeil dIlynx, 250m (Montriond, French Alps) Opened ground-up and first ascent
WI6+ San Valentino, 200m (La Sale, French Alps)
Second ascent
M9/WI6 Zauberflote, 250m (Dolomite, Italy)
M11+/WI6+ Illuminati, 300m (Dolomite, Italy)
First try
M10 Sagagnass sound system, 150m (Brian
çon, French Alps) Second ascent
M11 On n
est pas des chinois, 150m (Chambéry, France) Opened ground-up and first ascent
M9/WI6 Lou Monstraou, 300m (Vercors, France)
First onsight free ascent video here:
And many more

Ice-climbing Accomplishments:
Too many to write them here but many W5, 5+, 6 and 6+ in France and Europe!!
Ice-climbing is the basic to improve your skills and body to go further in mixed and dry-tooling