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Birth date: October 3, 1999

Residence: Thousand Oaks, Ca

The age of starting climb: 13

Expertise: Sport Climbing


Facebook: Joey Catama

Instagram: @joeycatama

Twitter: N/A


Whats your story?

Unlike most kids today, by age 12, I had not invested in organized or competition sports. Track and Field was my first experience. At age 13, I qualified and competed in the US National Junior Olympics for 100m Hurdles in North Carolina. Those races gave me my first taste of the competitors rush of adrenaline. I was hooked.

Planning for my high school years opened the door to a whole new level of passionrock climbing! For the first six months, I climbed recreationally indoors. Most climbers would agree that once you start climbing, you are hooked. Improvements were tangible and visible. Competitive climbing was inevitable.

During my first bouldering season, I sent my first V9(7C). This exciting realization pushed me to the next level. That same year, I placed 5th at the US Youth Sport Climbing Nationals in Atlanta, GA. Im not sure how that happenedbut it sure was incredibly fun! It wasnt until the next two years that training really started. Climbing isnt just about strength. I had to take my passion and carefully train my mind and skills to serve it. This is probably the hardest part of training!

In the summer of 2016, I placed 2nd at the Youth Sport Climbing Nationals and secured a spot on the US National Team. This time, it was clear how I got there. It was exhilarating. My first Youth World Championships, November, 2016, in Guangzhou, China. It set the tone for future training and view of the climbing culture.

Training to become your best version in anything is the most challenging and satisfying journey. The opportunity to experience this early in my life is a blessing. Climbing is a passion. Training to become my best in it takes sacrifice and deliberate balancing of life.

I believe climbing is an activity, a sport and adventure that offers something for everyone. Anyone can climb, and most anybody has the ability to climb V10 if they put the work towards it. With persistence, improvement is tangible and visible. The activity engages every part of the human being. You compete with yourself but interact with the entire community.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy playing the piano and going to the gym just to hang out and belay.


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?

I love the apect of travelling to new destinations and seeing all the different cultures. Every climbing place has its own story to tell!


Whats your most memorable climbing experience?

My first Sport Nationals where I placed 5th while barely knowing how to heel hook.


Whats your recent climbing accomplishment?

2nd at Youth Sport Climbing Nationals 2016

V12 Aquarium in Bishop, Ca 2016

5.13c The Power of One in Echo Cliffs, Ca 2015


Whats you short term goal and long term goal?

My short term goals are to send hard outside and during competitions. My long term goals are to continue to climb hard outdoors and make the US National Team while finding a way to give back to the climbing community.


Where is your favorite climbing place? Why?

Bishop, Ca. It is where I first started outdoor climbing. Every time I go back theres always something new to do and the scenery never seizes to amaze me.


What colors you like best?

Dark red and bright yellow.


Whats your favorite food?

Sweet and Sour chicken (the best found in Yangshuo, China)


What else would like to share with Kailas Friends?

When you feel like youre not progressing, change something up!