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Birth date: December 8th, 1987

Residence: Lone Pine CA

The age of starting climb: 15

Expetise: Big-wall first ascents


Facebook: Myles Moser


Whats your story?

I moved to Lone Pine over seven years ago after finding it on Google Maps…I was looking for the place that showed the most vertical, steep terrain.  Here, I learned about big-wall first ascents, and finding the line of least resistance even when that involves 5.12 climbing, or an aid ladder.  Playing in the mountains or the little crags here has me constantly looking for the unclimbed line…a search I will continue for as long as I am climbing!


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Designing and fixing things. Whether it be altering our packs or equipment, wiring a house, or rebuilding a car, my enjoyment is in getting my hands dirty!


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?

Well, the adventure of course. The idea of failure and living on the edge keeps me coming back for more.  Living on big, remote walls, pushing the boundaries and figuring out where and when to make a move is what excites me.


Whats your most memorable climbing experience?

Amy Ness, my partner, and I were on the side of a 4000 foot spire called the Central Tower of Torres del Paine. It was our second attempt at the route.  We had been up there for 17days and were getting tossed by a furious wind storm. It would lift the portaledge, drop it down and slam it against the wall. It was wild! The next day we sacked up at 3 AM and pushed a 24hr summit blitz for 1500 ft. We finally stood together on the summit.


Whats your recent climbing accomplishment?

Olancha Peak. A small wall visible from the road, which billions of climbers have driven past for decades, not thinking twice about it.  We started climbing early one morning thinking it would be a smash and grab. Maybe a five pitch climb. What we encountered was 11 pitches of extremely difficult climbing with massive roofs and slammer cracks that beat us up. Nine o'clock at night had us with headlamps ablaze drilling bolts by hand to reach the summit. Hard Grit 5.11 IV, 11 pitches


Where is your favorite climbing place? Why?

The Alabama Hills. It's in my backyard.  Its home. It's the crumbliest, crappiest rock a climber could love. It forces you to look, listen and feel. Every move has to count because the holds might be gone. There's caves and scrambles, boulder problems, cracks and sport. It's a desert paradise with 2000 foot rock faces in its backdrop.


What colors you like best?

Yellow and green


Whats your favorite food?

A toss-up between steak and eggs or Oranges


Whats else you would like to share with Kailas Friends?

Climb because it's zen. Climb because you love it. Climb for the adventure. Climb and be humble. And reach for the impossible.