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Birth date: 22.01.1990

Residence: Tyumen. Russia

The age of starting climb: 11 years old

Expertise: Sport Climbing


Instagram: Stan Kokorin

Twitter: Stan Kokorin


What’s your story?

I was 11 years old and was fond of karate, dancing and wrestling before I came to a climbing school. I remember how I asked my mother: «Mom, please try to find something unusual, for example I would like to climb, maybe climbing?» We did not know about any opportunities of climbing in Tyumen, it sounded crazy. But we did it.  I fell in love in climbing atmosphere and band of coaches. They were really polite and interesting persons…


This is a part of my life because I like what I am doing: trainings, keeping and achieving goals, traveling, making friends and many many things that I have been dreaming about.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I really like making climbing and travel movies. This is my main hobby beyond the trainings. One day, I would like to make a great video about my coach, my Mom and climbing here in Tyumen.


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?

So, I am a speed climber and I have a lot of comps of high level behind my back, and the most exciting aspect of them is adrenaline and a feeling of fear before the start. But when you take the first holds on the start you become crazy, one mistake and u loose, a lot of adrenaline. Love it.


What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

When I was 15 years old I had spent a lot of time on the Crimea’s rocks. My best result is 8a.  After that I prefer only speed discipline and have a memorable training camp in Australia and Ecuador. It was amazing.


What’s your recent climbing accomplishment?

- In the past 6 years I have won 9 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze in the World Cups - these is the 3rd result in IFSC speed climbing history.

- I am three times holder of the overall World Cup

- I am three times medalist of the World Championships, silver medalist of European Championship and World Games in Columbia.


Where is your favorite climbing place? Why?

I like Ural rocks. The best place for climbing and relaxing that I have ever been to. I love Russian nature.


What colors you like best?

I prefer bright colors: yellow, red, green… Sometimes I choose dark colors like brown or black, because they look more stylish then bright colors.


What’s your favorite food?

My favorite cuisines are Russian and Italian


What’s else you would like to share with Kailas Friends?

Do sport everywhere and all the time*)