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Swift Ice Screw

Item Code: KE331001
$69.90 $69.90
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  • Color:
    (YL17)Golden (11000)Green (RD00)Red
  • Size:
    13CM 16CM 20CM
●Trapezoidal threads for small friction enables easy and stable insertion
●Patented high-low head for easy and quick drill
●Special helix angle to reduce resistance and enhance durability
●Made of 7075 high density aluminum
Patent Number: 201220659277.2
Certification: CE EN568 UIAA
  • Product Details

Boasts of several patents, SWIFT Ice Screw is fast, light, small and its insert friction is small. All these advantages make it the optimal choice of climbing.

●Patented foldable crank knobs reduce the risk of rope dragging
●The hanger of the ice screw can fit two carabiners at the same time, which is highly convenient
●Easy to use with gloves on
●Available in 3 lengths, color coded for quick indexing

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