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Vector Ascender(Left Hand)

Item Code: KE551001
$119.00 $119.00
  • Color:
    (19133) Titanium
  • Size:
    One Size
  • Product Details

Dimensions: 193X86 X35mm

It’s widely applied to SRT technology and used for ascending a rope during climbing, caving, rescue and work at heights.

An ergonomic design with a handle made by secondary injection molding to provide better comfort and feel
The cam ratchet design reduces resistance when the ascender is in process, but strengthens the connecting force when the ascender is stopped. It remains perfectly stable even when it’s used with the damp, frozen or sand-covered ropes
Processed by CNC digital control technology, it is light and firm in structure
The lower hole of the ascender provides enough space, so even the carabiner can revolve freely

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