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Women's 9A short

Item Code: KG520260
$37.00 $37.00
60% off
  • Color:
    (BL53)Peacock Blue (10005)Blue (10028)Blue Orchid (10034)Ink Blue (11003)Light Green (16012)Orange Brown (YL28)Tan
  • Size:
    S M L XL
• Reinforced
• Stretch
• Breathable
  • Product Details

• Colorful rock climbing 9a shorts
• Diamond-cut crotch allows excellent mobility
• Elastic waistband
• Stretch, soft, comfortable
• Classic pockets
• Well cut

FABRIC: Stretch fabric

RECOMMENDED USE: Rock climbing

Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • BySian Moffitt
  • Nov 01, 2017
I absolutely love my 9A Shorts! They are super flexible, comfy and great for hot weather. These would be my favourite Kailas product to date. Great for bouldering in.

  • ByCharlotte Higginson
  • Oct 19, 2017
Kailas 9a shorts are great – I also have a pair of the 9a pants but when climbing in temperatures over 80 degrees F or in gyms with poor air conditioning the shorts are the better option. They have two pockets, an elastic waist, and are the same material (same stretch and breathability) as the 9a pants. The pockets are also fairly deep, so you can carry your phone while approaching a climb. A phone would also fit while climbing with a harness but there are no zippers, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The shorts are longer than most women’s running shorts – they come to mid-thigh or slightly above the knee. Most importantly for women’s climbing shorts they are long enough to not ride up in your harness or when bouldering - even when doing high steps or other moves that would normally require you to adjust your shorts afterwards.